HTMLViewer Source

Is there a way to view the source of a HTMLViewer without downloading the page using a httpsocket?

Mac? Win? Linux?
Desktop? Web?

For Desktop on Mac and Win we have example projects to get it with our plugins.

Mac. Desktop.

Is there a way to do it without a plugin?

If I did use your plugin, what Plugin Part would I have to purchase?

There is a FREE library at the website below that will allow you to view the source of a webpage
without using the httpsocket.

Look under development, once the project is loaded click on the Gethttp string button and
change the url to your needs. Hope it works for you.

Christian: Which Demo? (You have so many!)

like this:

[code]dim s as string

if TargetWin32 then
end if

MsgBox s[/code]

Use a HTMLViewer as noted in this thread

[quote=75950:@Christian Schmitz]like this:

dim s as string

if TargetWin32 then
end if

can i do the above for window machine even though the htmlviewer is set to webkit instead of IE??

No. I tried, but failed to get anything working there.

so only for renderer = IE then.

For windows you could create your own “IE HtmlViewer” with use of OLEContainer

Simple example:

  1. add a OLEContainer to window1 (OLEContainer1)

  2. Right mouse click on OLEContainer1

  3. Select “Choose ActiveX Control…” (Small window appears with list of Activex Controls)

  4. Select from Displayed window “Microsoft Web Browser” (This will assign a ProgramID to OLEContainer1)

  5. Add following code in Pushbutton1.action: OLEContainer1.Content.navigate(“”)

When you run the application and right mouse click on browser window you will have the option to view the source.