HTMLViewer + Sockets & HTTP vs HTTPS

I’m not sure I understand the issues that limit non https in a XOJO html viewer on iOS.
I’ve added the info.plist as other threads have described. I have an example page that will run if I do a ShowURL (which is maybe ok), but I don’t understand what is missing for it to load in a Xojo app.

The URL is

While I can pass if off to Safari, I’m worried that I won’t be able to make some of my other functions will also fail when I try to deploy.
I have a subclass of that will connect to my Xojo cloud. I haven’t setup https, and I’m not sure how to.

Has anyone else been through this?

Have you followed the directions here: ?

If you have control of the website you should instead enable https, it is basically expected by users now and you could face issues into the future with your website not working on a larger array of devices and browsers.

Jason, the problem is that I’m trying to show 3rd party websites, which I have no control over.
But I appreciate the info. Thank you.