HTMLViewer Reload Context Menu

When right clicking on the HTMLViewer and your cursor is not over text, you get a context menu item labelled “Reload”. Is there any way of suppressing this menu?

Almost perfect but Can I just comment that the above method removes all context menus. I would like to only remove the reload page menu item and not the other items you get when right clicking over text. Is this possible?

Probably… I can do it on Mac OS X using declares, but haven’t played with the other operating systems… You can also check out MBS and see if Christian has anything in there…

Another thing you can do is capture it in the CancelLoad event. Youd have to check and see what the URLs will be in your scenario.

Personally I think Xojo should hook in to it and allow us to create custom context menus without having to use a plugin or declares…

I wouldn’t mind it being there but I am loading the HTML using the LoadPage method of the HTMLViewer with a string and not from a URL. Therefore the ‘Reload’ menu is not reloading the page I have rendered but rather the relative page passed as an argument to the LoadPage method.

CancelLoad still fires in this case (I just fixed this for Feedback about a week ago).

I don’t follow Greg. What should I do then?