HTMLViewer Problem Link Loads in Safari but not in HTMLViewer

I’m having a confusing problem loading an HTMLViewer. My desktop app has a textfield for the url of the site I’d like to visit and a checkbox to determine whether the info should appear in my app’s HTMLViewer or in the users preferred browser (in my case Safari). The following code works fine for sites like Google, Wikipedia and Youtube but it does not work for my own site My site will load when I use my app to send it to the user preferred browser, but unlike other sites it will not load it when I want it to go to the HTMLViewer. Any suggestions appreciated.

dim link as string

link = trim(TextFieldBrowserFileName.text)

if CheckBoxToBrowser.Value then
'send it to HTMLViewer
TabPanel1.SelectedPanelIndex = 3
'send it to user preferred browser

Apple security requires your site be served securely to an app. You cannot load a “http” link without a temporary entitlement (which nobody knows how much longer this will work).

I see that your site is serving on https, so have you tried using the https link in HTMLViewer?

Thanks Tim.

Dang, I didn’t even know my site served https. It works with that.