HTMLViewer open link in associated app?

Is there a way that the HTMLViewer object can open a link in associated app? Take for example Zoom. When you go to the URL, it asks you if you wish to open the Zoom app. It does that by trying to go to zoommtg://

Any thoughts?

Use the cancelLoad event, grab the url and use ShowURL command.

That will open it in Safari (or whatever is the default browser). For my needs, I can’t do that–It has to be entirely within Xojo app.
Thanks though.

But showURL with the zoom link should open zoom!?

I mean unless Zoom implemented things incorrectly… which… would that shock anyone?

Update: I’m starting to think that they did, as clicking the zoommtg:// link above opens a new browser tab before it opens Zoom, where as this feedback link won’t exhibit such behavior <>

My conclusion: This is a Zoom bug

Thanks Tim, Christian.