Htmlviewer not respond like IE FOR DEEZER


I’m testing Javascript fromage DEEZER
Il works well with ie, Firefox etc but
Not in htmlviewer

Th page is :

Seem htmlviewer in xojo don’t load all
Maybe some one knows script deezer developper


I assume Windows?

Try using a Webbrowser ActiveX control.

Easiest is probably to change the Rendered property for your HTMLViewer to “WebKit” instead of “Native”.

If you want to stick with “Native”, then realize that HTMLViewer (and an ActiveX web browser) uses an earlier version of IE by default. Unfortunately this a system Windows setting, but you can change it specifically for your app with code like this:

[code]Dim reg As New RegistryItem(“HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft”)
reg = reg.AddFolder(“Internet Explorer”)
reg = reg.AddFolder(“Main”)
reg = reg.AddFolder(“FeatureControl”)
reg.Value(App.ExecutableFile.Name) = &h2710 ’ Use IE 11 renderer


More information in this blog post: Use newer version of Internet Explorer with WebBrowser and HTMLViewer

Too bad, i need this for osx also

OS X uses Webkit
Seems to load just fine there
Literally 1 line of code
CReate a new desktop project
add an html viewer to the default window
in the htmlviewers open event put



fwiw this site doesn’t do anything for me in Safari or HTMLViewer

I did it but it doesn’t works

player not loaded

button not enabled like in firefox or safari

if you try in safari you can play songs etc
but with xojo it doesn’t works

event_listener : ( waiting always response ) normaly it write : player_loaded

cant play anything in safari

Since it’s not available in my country I can’t peek into what’s going on.

There are frame security errors on the page you posted here, could be one of the sources of trouble.

I’m also going to wager the service uses Flash to secure it’s audio stream (even Spotify does it)
Plugins like Flash are not available to HTMLViewer

[quote=259900:@jean-marc planas]anyway, under xojo, win or mac nothing works
my clients will don’t have music in their games… :([/quote]
Almost 100% positive that would be a violation of copyright.

no violation of copyright, I am productor of music
my productions are on deezer

Oh, because the buttons say two Daft Punk albums.
If it’s your music, bundle it inside the app and play it without using a HTML Viewer.

I confirm, it is Deezer custom player plugin that does not load in OS X HTMLVIewer. Since it does not use a standard URL, there is no workaround.