HTMLViewer: how to set a value to a field ?


I have an html viewer, loaded with an url, and I would like to fill some fields on that page automaticaly.

I tried to use :

jsSrc = "document.getElementById(""MainContent_ddlCountry"").value=""13"";" w.myHTMLViewer.ExecuteJavaScript(jsSrc)
but the field (a popup menu with 34 values) is not set.

I also tried with a text field with no success
what did I miss or is it even possible ?

also, how could I check for possible errors coming back from javascript ?

please note that the url is a public access, not something I have a programming access.


Well if it’s a popup menu, you’ll actually need to select a row, not set a value.

As for getting errors, you could wrap your JavaScript code in a try-catch and pass the text of the exception back through the title or status.

Unfortunately JavaScript is very tolerant of bad behavior, so these may not throw an error anyway.

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I think that I found data in this site:

I hope this helps.

well, for the records, it’s not a popup menu but a combobox.
I had to set the “text” property instead of “value” like above
and set to the real “France” instead of “13”
and the field has been set.