HTMLVIEWER + Google autotranslate

I use htmlviewer to present website pages from within xojo app.
Is there any way to use/activate the autotranslate feature of google chrome?
I am asking that because when i load the external page i can’t see the autotranslate menu usually shown in chrome when visit a foreign language page. I put iframe allowed.


do you see the menu in something else than chrome ?

No, I will try and let you know Jean-Yves.
But I would prefer Chrome as some features are function only in Chrome

because Google chrome has some unique features for Google auto translate built-in
so any other navigator, including htmlviewer, don’t have it.

In Firefox and Chromethe htmlviewer windows is shown only the page, no menu.If I right click inside the html, a chrome menu opens with translate language but this affect all my web app pages not the page inside the htmlviwer