HTMLViewer.Error Usage

can help me please:

what is wrong here:

Dim VerError as integer
VerError = ErrorNumber
if VerError = 404 then
MsgBox(“Error 404”)

Hi Andrey.

Error 404 is an error reported by the server. You won’t be able to trap it in your program as a regular exception.

Usually, newTitle shows “error 404” in the TitleChanged event.


If you want to check the HTTP Status you could get the headers with a HTTPSocket first, and proceed with the HTML Viewer if you’re satisfied. This method would be able to test for other types of HTTP errors, but it is a more involved process than checking the TitleChanged event.

im sorry, after years im back with this dumb question:

i have to check first if exists the URL that i wanna show in the HTMLViewer, if not exist the URL show window3 and hide window1

if exists, window1 keeps and windows3 never show…

for Example: right? but, if u have not internet connection or the domain is down, i dont wanna show the 404 error or something, i wanna show an error page, i mean, local window like window3

how can i do that plz hlp!!!