HtmlViewer doesn't wrap but Safari does

In my app I’m parsing message body data from mails. The data is converted to html and then shown in a HtmlViewer. One customer has problems with text not wrapping. I extracted the html and sent it back to him. In Safari version 9 the text is wrapping okay for him.

I’ve also had a look at the html. It starts with

But then come convoluted Word styles. Can’t see anything that would negate the wrapping, however.

I’ve uploaded the html to Does anyone have an idea?

Mac OS 10.10, Xojo 2014r2.


-webkit-lin= e-break: after-white-space

that equals and carriage return in the middle will probably screw things up (it’s a 76 character line continuation thing). Same for the font-family definition. There’s probably an indication in the headers about the encoding doing this.

Hmm… why does the text wrap okay for me and not for my customer? Why does it wrap for my customer in Safari? Why doesn’t it wrap if I have him take out the after-white-space? If it wouldn’t wrap for me the I’d simply rewrite the html. But so I’m rather confused.

(The customer is an IT guy so he can so some experimentation.)

Do you and your customer run the same version of Safari?

Yes, both Yosemite.