HTMLViewer DocumentBegin


I am trying to put the clicked on URL in a text box so I am using the DocumentBegin to report URL value. The problem is many websites apparently contain many Documents so the the URL is set many times and ends up with strange values sometimes. How do I return the URL that mouse clicked on?

This also applies to newTitle in TitleChanged.


For me it works (OSX).

leave TitleChanged empty

in DocumentBegin


it shows the link I’ve clicked in the Window Titlebar

If AddressField.Text <> URL then AddressField.Text = URL End If

go to after a fresh start from editor. After 89% of the page loads documentBegin is fired again and the URL changes to

After the initial CNN load, if I go to CNN again it does not fire the documentBegin twice.

No one can verify my problem?

Probably cached.

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