HTMLViewer beeps

A desktop application generates a report as html and renders it in an htmlviewer.
The html is correct, looks fine on screen, but…

one press on the top or bottom arrow moves the screen contents (if possible);
many press / auto repeat press moves too the screen contents, but I also get a ton of beeps…


Last Ventura, Xojo 2023r2, MBP m1.

Are you on a Mac? If so have you enabled the focus for all controls, otherwise they can’t gain focus and respond to keyboard events. I can’t remember were it is on the later versions of the OS.

Secondly, inside Xojo you need to ensure that the HTMLViewer has focus enabled. You can also make it the first control in the tab order so it has focus right away. Then the keyboard should work.

I do not understand.

The keyboard works. I get beeps and screen scroll when I press more than once…

It is easy toc check…

Ventura is the current MacOS :slight_smile:

macOS works in two different ways, you can either have it accept focus only on text fields or you can choose to have focus move between all controls. For example checkboxes and radio buttons. If you don’t have it set to all controls it may be doesn’t accept focus on the HTMLViewer, which would mean the keyboard events wouldn’t be directed to it.

As for Xojo if you select your HTMLViewer and then show the inspector tab. Select the cog wheel tab and look at the ‘Allow Tab Stop’ setting. If that is off then it can’t accept focus and thus no keyboard events. It would also be worth checking that you haven’t defined a keydown event on the control, which is changing standard behavour.

So, you never used an HTMLviewer…

Download the file from this link:

then open the html file in an htmlviewer and press the down arrow (once, then keep the finger on the down arrow to hear the beeps)…

I have confirmed that this is happening (and shouldn’t be) in a blank project using a simple test string and will open a case.

UPDATE: Case is opened