HTMLViewer and Unicode

my apps creates an HTML webpage that contains lots of unicode … which unfortunatly gets translated (by a helper app) from &#X1234 to the unicode sequence of hex characters… When viewed in HTMLViewer it looks fine, but if I save the HTML text and view it in SAFARI all those characters appear as “something else”

For example… the app writes out “1⁄2” which is 1/2
the helper changes if (I don’t know why) to hex(E2 81 84 3C]
then in Safari then appears as 1⁄2

A text editor says the file is UTF-8, so why would HTMLViewer show it correctly, but Safari does not?

What’s the helper app?

for some unknown reason it converts all HTML characters entities to a binary value…
I’ve checked, and while there are “switches”, none of them address this.

I may forego the use of this all together, since the preprocess I’ve had to write does 90% of the work anyways…

I submitted a feedback to the author

Do you have <meta charset='utf-8'> in your html header (is your html file “html 5 file” ?)

That was it… .perfect!

FYI… this is no longer an issue… the app as it was would not run under Windows… so I removed the “helper” and duplicated its functions. the 1⁄2 stays as-is, but I left the Meta tag there too