HTMLViewer and Cookies

Hi, I’ve recently made a small Win HTML Viewer App with Xojo’s built in Webkit Engine. It’s runs smooth even on older WinXP PCs and you do not have the hassle in installing a bloaty browser first in order to use any modern Intranet or HTML5 powered webapp. But then I’ve found out, that the internal Webkit doesn’t save cookies permanently or I am missing something?

Hi Tomas,
Did you find out how to deal with this?
Already 6 weeks since you asked and I can’t see anything helpful about this issue anywhere.


negative, no Cookies even Form data is not saved and Secure Settings seems to be elevated so you might Not use downloads for instance.

Thanks and sorry for spamming in private there was an error in the forums system.

The CEF/WebKit implementation of our HTMLViewer on Windows doesn’t automatically store cookies or manage them by default. My best suggestion is a feature request for you to be able to store cookies on a user specific level.

The HTML viewer does seem to support session cookies i.e. your JavaScript can create cookies and use them within this session. The problem seems to be that these are not persisted after the program exits.
I think we need a setting which allows for these cookies to be preserved between sessions.
The work around if you have control of your web application is to pass in an encrypted URL parameter and have your web app convert this into a cookie for the session.

You should file a feature request in Feedback.

MBS Plugin 15.2 brings new functions for cookies:

Aren’t cookies just text files? In theory you could save and load them yourself… Check the URL in the CancelLoad event, look up the cookie for the domain, inject it in to the HTTP header…