HTML5 frontend and Xojo backend


I have a new project which it will have html5 & angular.js as a frontend and I am looking your opinion, if I can use the Web Xojo as a backend application.

The frontend will need a rest API server and websocket support. For rest api, I am sure that I can use Web Xojo. But for websocket, I am not sure.

The connections to backend, it will be around 1-2 million per day (around 10k-20K) simutanusly connections. ( I will solve that with multiple instances of application)

Please advice, if I can use Xojo Web as Websocket and rest api server or to move to another programming language (like java or c# mvc).

Xojo WE can be used as a REST API server.

cant speak for the Websocket part.

How did you solve this ?