HTML website pulling data from sql

Hello I am trying to create my first website and I want to have a several titled dropdown boxes on a HTML webpage where each of the drop downs pulls different data from a sql database. I’m pretty sure I can figure out the individual components but I am having a hard time figuring out how they all connect.

The website would be in HTML
The database would be SQL serve mgmt studio. Its all in one table that has several columns and rows of information.

Do I “need” to learn php for this?
What other parts am I missing? JavaScript? Etc…
Is the sql query mixed in with the “dropdown box” code?

Thanks so much for any help. I’d like to start with a very basic process for this.

You could learn php for this. And yes, there most likely would be an SQL query mixed with the dropdown box code.

That’s one way to do this. There are lots of other ways to do a project like this. Depending on how large your website and your database are. How large you expect your project to grow. php is a suboptimal language. Mixing html and SQL doesn’t scale very well.

Here on the Xojo forum we would talk about the web part of Xojo. But Xojo does web apps and not websites.