HTML Viewer won't display my website correctly

Am I missing something with HTMLViewer? Am using the WebKit rendering setting in 2019r1 and it refuses to display my website correctly… the very same site that renders perfectly in Safari and FireFox on Mac and also in Edge on Windows, ( @ ). If WebKit is being used in Xojo then I don’t understand how some CSS and all the images are being ignored on my home page. Isn’t this functionality built in to the rendering engine?? I’ve trawled somewhat but got nowhere to finding a resolution. Any help would be much appreciated…

If you are using plain http for the page or for the items that don’t show up, you’ll need to add the app Transport security plist entry.

Mixed Content on your Website, so webkit does not display your images. You should see a small yellow warning sign in your firefox.

I suggest to improve your website due some more security issues:

Thanks…I found the problem. Was using an http to https redirect plugin on my Wordress website and the non displaying images embedded in the header had http URLs . Changed to https and all is fine. Tho’ its interesting how none of the Browsers had a problem with this, only Xojo HTMLViewer.

Browsers are more relaxed with the http content in https page, some show a small warning. My guess is that a lot of sites have this issue and users will blame the browser, if other browser show the entire page, instead of the security used on the actual site.

Wehn talking about WP, you should take care of your website. My WP Scanner shows at least 10 vulns and plenty other opportunities to compromise. An simple NMAP shows open NetBIOS and SMB Ports, SSH port on 2222 with TripleDES ciphers, open mysql ports, open VNC ports…

HTTPS does not mean that everything is secure.