HTML Viewer will not load captcha

Windows 7:
I have tried both native and webkit, neither will display the captcha screen.
I have tried setting the useragent with webkit.
I have tried the native registry settings.

Has anyone seen this, and have a fix.

I can only get it to work ( using the Native renderer and setting the IE version to 11000 (it needs to be at least 9000 to work) by calling this code in the just above my call to loadurl:

[code]#If TargetWindows
// This code handles both 64 and 32-bit builds
Dim reg As New RegistryItem(“HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft”)
reg = reg.AddFolder(“Internet Explorer”)
reg = reg.AddFolder(“Main”)
reg = reg.AddFolder(“FeatureControl”)

// Source MS documentation:
reg.Value(App.ExecutableFile.Name) = CType(11000 , Int32)

I can’t get webkit to work.