HTML Viewer and Passwords

Is there a practical way to auto-fill user name and password in an HTML Viewer?

Yes, you can use ExecuteJavaScript to do a Javascript injection that would fill the form.

You will need to know the form ID and the fields you want to fill. If you want help with that, we will need the form ID and the fields you want to fill. Easiest way to share that would be to post either the URL of the form, or the HTML source.

Well cool…

Here’s the information. Yes, help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Form id = login_form

and 4 inputs:

1. name = serial, id = serial
2. name = account, id = account
3. name = operator, id =operator
4. name = operator_p, id =operator_p

This is the basic way to fill a field addressed by an id in javascript (where MainHTMLViewer is your viewer, accountName is a string variable holding the text that you want insert, and account is the id of the field that you are targeting)

MainHTMLViewer.ExecuteJavaScript("document.getElementById('account').value='" + accountName + "'")