HTML to PDF for iOS via URLConnection to WebApp

I use HTML as the basis of all my Invoices. I can convert HTML to a PDF (for emailing) on Desktop and Web using HTML2PDF (all working in my apps), but I lack this feature for the iOS version of my app.

I am thinking of using a URLConnection on iOS to send the HTML to a WebApp, the WebApp converts the HTML to a PDF, then replies with the PDF. I am sure this will all work, as it is a known quantity.

I cannot think of any other alternative method. Is there a better way, or am I mad?

I believe I once shared an HTML2PDF class for iOS, on the old forum.

iOS has a built in feature for this.

I will try to find the project in my folder of old example projects.

Here it is, now on Github: GitHub - jkleroy/Xojo-iOS-HTML2PDF: HTML to PDF extension for Xojo iOS

Please donate if you find it useful :slight_smile:

Thanks @Jeremie_L , I will try it and will definitely donate!

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