HTML table alike ListBox

Hi All, is there a way to create a listbox with 2 columns where there is text in both columns, and the row height depends on the size of text in the cell? So multi-line cells?

I’m now generating this in HTML but I would like to create a popup menu where the popup when the cursor is in the first column differs from what it is when the cursor is in the second column. I can do this in a ListBox but I can’t make have multiple lines in a cell…

does anyone know if this can be done, and how?


Standard Listbox can have up to 254(?) columns, but the height of each row is consistent (ie. all rows are the same height)
and you CAN have multiple lines in a cell, you just have to override the CELLPAINTTEXT and/or CELLPAINTBACKGROUND events

perhaps Karen Atkocius can shed some light from her custom listbox experience

You could very well create the popupmenu drop down part in HTML as well. It would require some JavaScript to detect the click, but it is not terribly difficult.

in HTML look into colspan and rowspan to allow cells to span more than one row / col

as for how that will interact with Xojo, I don’t know