HTML Select List zoom change

I’m baffled by this; in 2019rX my HTML Select lists in iOSHTMLViewer automatically and permanently zoom the view 200% when I open a selection (i.e. it drops a list), and do not shrink back once a selection is made - this did not occur in 2017r3, my last platform. Needless to say, this wrecks my D3.js graphs presentation, especially the lack of un-zoom.

Did I miss something in the iOS or Xojo changelogs? And how do I prevent this?

Edit: LargeTitleMode in the iOSView is set to “Never”, FWIW.

additional info - this appears to affect iPhone only - the iPad simulator and my iPad hardware behave correctly. It seems the iOSView class should support the ScalesPageToFit property, but no joy.

ScalesPageToFit isn’t supported anymore because the iOSHTMLViewer is based on WKWebView and not UIWebview anymore.

You might get more help if you post an example or more detail about the issue. You mention many things that are quite cryptic to someone not working on the project.