HTML Edit Control for Xojo - WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor

21 January, 2015, Rochester, NY - Tim Parnell introduces the HTML Edit control for Xojo. HTML Edit is a drop in control that helps desktop developers get and set HTML for WYSIWYG Rich Text editing.

HTML Edit is a Xojo wrapper / translator that harnesses the power of Quill. You can slam complex markup at the control and it will render quickly, and display just as the markup would in a browser. To make things easy it mimics much of the functionality of a TextArea, so you already know how to use it. HTML Edit lets you use native Xojo code to control the Quill editor, so you’re working with strings, booleans, and colors - instead of sorting out JavaScript errors.

Images are no problem for HTML Edit. End users can add them with the button in the toolbar, or the developer can insert one by code. Try that with a TextArea! And as a bonus, a Rich Text editing toolbar is already included thanks to Quill, so HTML Edit is ready to use once added to your project!

Save yourself from going loopy with Loops, StyleRuns, and StyledText. Download the demo project to see the control in action, give it some markup and see it’s magic.

Tim Parnell

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