html app for desktop

Is anyone using xojo to wrap html apps to generate stand-alone desktop apps? What I’m talking about is an ordinary Windows program where each window is filled entirely by an HTMLviewer control (webkit). Then the interface is automatically cross-platform (and as aesthetically modern as you like) since it’s just standard HTML/CSS/js. I’m keeping the serious coding in xojo, like a client-server model where the xojo code is doing the server work. Maybe this is an obvious way to proceed and everyone’s been doing it for years, but for me it was a bit of a revelation when I realized I could completely skip the normal desktop interface tools. Whenever the input data changes, I update the html page’s Title property. Then the xojo code responds to the TitleChanged event. Is there a better event to use?? The xojo code then returns results to the interface via ExecuteJavaScript. But all the heavy-lifting is on the xojo side. This also has the important advantage of hiding the non-interface code which is normally visible in html apps compiled for the desktop (like TideSDK, Adobe AIR, and similar). And of course it’s very fast compiled that way. Animation via the HTML5 canvas is very slow, but so far I can live with that. Any thoughts on how to make it faster?