HTML 5 and CSS3?

If I have an HTML viewer in my app (.exe), which loads my website into it - will it have a problem displaying HTML 5 and CSS3 - or is the control capable of correctly displaying this?

Thank you all in advance.

If you opt to use web kit you should be fine.
If you use native then results may vary depending on what version of the native engine installed and how its set to behave by default.
Setting every platform to use web kit is likely to be the most consistent

Thanks, but I have Never used the HTMLViewer before - is Webkit a setting that is part of the control ?
And not quite sure what you meant by using native?

I was simply going to place an HTMLViewer control on my window and instruct it to load my website.

Select the HTMLViewer control on your Window, and then in the Inspector change the “Renderer” property from Native to WebKit.

Thank you both! Much appreciated.

You’re welcome. I actually also use the HTMLViewer often as you plan to use it.

Just keep in mind, that by changing the control from Native to WebKit adds about 20MB to the size of your compiled binaries.

keep also in mind that WebKit engine can’t store cookies nor saves any recent used inputs.
On the other hand default browser (on win mostly IE) uses old rendering engine 7 or 8 instead current version 10 or 11.

It’s an HTML Viewer - not a web browser - it gets & renders HTML
Some of the things, like saving cookies, are not part of rendering HTML but a function of being a web browser

Thats fine - I just need it to display the site - no cookies or anything are used.

Thank you all.

Also, the extra 20 MB is only for Windows compiles as the WebKit framework is part of Mac OS X operating system and the same on Linux (though, you may need to download the correct library to get it to work)…

Didn’t realize that. Good to know.