I just noticed when I build for Linux, it adds an invisible .htaccess file, with this inside:

Options +ExecCGI order allow,deny deny from all <Files *.cgi> allow from all </Files>

Until today, I never noticed it, and of course never uploaded it.

Perhaps it would be better to put it with the built files as _htaccess, and the user would rename it .htaccess after uploading ?

It looks like that is only for CGI and Web 2.0 will not support CGI.

Way CGI is not save or ?, all my app are CGI

Alexis, I think Web 2.0 requires standalone to provide all the new features and enhancements. CGI relays on the webserver (Apache) and removing that requirement they can do some things without worrying about the Apache version or how the user configured Apache.

If you want to go Web 2.0 you will need to convert all your CGI apps to standalone.

Not all apps need a fancy UI. My Paypal listener does not even use a UI.

But indeed, I plan on moving to Web 2.00 and standalone, when available.

I agree, but all apps need a webserver.

If I understand correctly CGI is an app without webserver (it relies on Apache), standalone is an app with the webserver. The problem I see going from CGI in Web 1.0 to standalone Web 2.0 that you either:
a) create as many standalone apps as you have CGI or
b) try to put all CGI in one big standalone app

It will be interesting to see the solutions/alternatives for this.

CGI was really useful in many environments. But I can understand that since there are a lot of different setup it was difficult to create a universal CGI bridge.
I often had to change the CGI script to let it works. But with Apache, a modded CGI and extra instructions in htaccess, I managed to use Xojo web also in very difficult environment and in totally trasparent way for the user.
Too bad there won’t be the CGI option for Web2.0; I will have to completely review the integration in some solutions.

I will keep my existing CGI apps and maintain them with present Xojo.

I think there is a basic misunderstanding about what is a Web app, and what is a web site. I do hope Web 2.00 won’t try to be everything. HTML/CSS/JavaScript will probably remain the best way to do a web site.