HP Creating new Platform

Is anyone following the new system development announced by HP? Looks to me that HP is going down the path that is similar to what Apple did with OSX along with developing their own hardware. I wonder how much of this is driven by Microsoft entering into the hardware market with the Surface product line which I figure hurts their OEMs like HP. I also wonder if this is an opportunity for Xojo to get in on the ground floor of a new platform. Maybe HP would be willing to fund some or most of the development too. What do you think??

Link to a report below:


Is it April fool’s day already? Looking forward to anything that HP designs…

They foist some of the stuff that they bought on their customers. ALM is the only webapplication where I had to install a patch for Windows.

A working link:


The hardware with memristors not ready before 2016, I wonder why server people would dump their existing, working and reliable Linux for a wondrous Linux ++ to please HP… Especially when such a small player as IBM will no doubt be glad to let HP elbow in their private garden :wink:

Good luck HP :wink:

The core of the project is the development of the memristor. I remember reading an article about it a few years ago. It was “just around the corner”. And it is also “just around the corner” today, as it is where HP is falling behind in this project. This is still a technology R&D project, we are still far away from commercial products. In addition, the target for the technology is large servers. I wonder how many Xojo-made applications target this segment (other than web apps running on a VPS located on such a large server)?

Bottom line: I think that is is years away from having any relevance at all for us.

Whatever HP wrote for a desktop OS for my old employer wascrap, it couldn’t even detect a double click unless you went mad on the mouse until the selection launched. I wouldn’t expect anything polished or “revolutionary”

Considering their drivers and “mis”-management tools. I will take a long skeptical wait and see before trusting them.

I remember when HP meant quality…