How Xojo forum hardly gets spam?

What plugins do the Xojo forums use. I am getting spammed, extremely.


I am surprised Xojo does not get this?


Did the Xojo forums just get subtly spammed? :wink:

If only there wasn’t a typo in the URL, that would have been a genius ploy!

If you are using word press you must use a plugin. We use “SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam” and it has virtually eliminated spam bots :slight_smile:

I have just installed Capatcha.


Looks like the CAPTCHA plugin has done the trick.

And thanks. I did this on my wordpress which I did not think to do.


It appears Xojo has its own login system.

Email verification also helps a bunch.
Also I made a tool with Xojo that helps you check a user’s validity, it’s free on the Mac App Store :slight_smile:

But I know you use Windows, so frownyface.
You probably want to just start your database from scratch there. The stats show some 3000 plus spam threads o.O

Yes using the popular Wordpress then your are very Vulnerable to attack. It’s funny on all our web servers; reading the log files I can always tell when schools has vacations. As soon the vacation starts, we see tremendous attacks from Script Kiddies ( . And it so obvious they don’t even think when they try to hack our sites. Some times I can even guess what kind of tool they have been using. The Script Kiddies can only be glad we are not reporting them when they are doing these kind of attacks, because they make so many mistakes that we could easily get them. But then one kids future is damage.

For a WordPress site there are free Plugin in addition to Capatcha, which I use.

One called Stop Spammers, which I use, it has stop over 57,000 spanners. I’ve had it installed several years. It has reported over 3500 spammers since 2014/12/23.

I just installed a new one from iThemes which block connections using ‘Admin’ to sign on. (It’s not free.) It does some other security stuff also.

I also run my own server which does not have much traffic. I use it mostly for testing WE stuff and some PHP. It amazeing to look at the system log and see all the effort of *(%$& people trying to break in.

I have my own Web server sitting here right next to me, running two Web sites. One is for my clients and the other is for an amazingly obscure foundation that I run. Both receive very little traffic and – so far – no denial attacks despite being online for 10 years or more. Webalizer shows some odd accesses, mostly from China and Russia, and one from the British Indian Ocean Territory (aka Diego Garca, said to be an NSA outpost)! I don’t use WordPress – the sites are both hand-coded in HTML, PHP and JavaScript and there’s no login requirement. My contact details are in a JPEG image just in case, although I doubt that would pose much of a challenge to the lads on Diego Garca…

Hard to believe any threat could come from there. My son was deployed there several times during his 11 years in the Air Force and referred to it as “that little speck of flysh*t floating in the Indian Ocean”. It’s only about 1 mile by 1-1/2 miles in size (most of that is occupied by the airstrips themselves … used during the Vietnam War to launch the B-52 raids, and more recently for the B-1B raids on Iraq and Afghanistan) and they didn’t even have housing for the airmen (they slept in tents). That hamster must’ve really been running hard on that treadmill that day to generate enough power to create that odd access you received! I just mentioned your comment to my son and he said, “you had a better chance of receiving that access from aliens in deep space than you did from someone on Diego Garcia!” ^^

Matter of fact, to put the whole thing in perspective, I used to work for a guy who was an officer on a US Navy nuclear submarine that stopped a few times in Diego Garcia for refueling. He told me that the common joke about Diego Garcia was:

Which of the following three qualifies as “cruel and unusual punishment”?

  1. Six months in the brig without seeing the light of day
  2. Six months underwater in the sub never seeing the light of day
  3. Six days in Diego Garcia seeing whatever you want

… You can guess the correct answer. ^^