How would Ioad the Split function

So how would I load the split function in the SDK ?

I have tried many combinations:

StringSplit = (REALarray ()(REALstring,REALstring)) REALLoadFrameworkMethod(“Split(source as String,delimeter as String) as String()”);
StringSplit = (REALarray (
)(REALstring,REALstring)) REALLoadFrameworkMethod("Split(Extends source as String,delimeter as String = " “) as String()”
StringSplit = (REALarray (*)(REALstring,REALstring)) REALLoadFrameworkMethod(“REALbasic.Split(source as String,delimeter as String) as String()”);

Am guessing its the Array result that is making this difficult ? or maybe not possible ?

can’t get it working here, too.

Thanks for confirming, I guess I will have to resort to NthField and CountFields. I was not actually aware the Split was in the official example of how to do dynamic load of a function !

Is there a bug report for this?

No I did not make one since if its fixed then there will be 4 years until I can use it. So its supported backwards in many versions.

But I have added it now, since its better to get it fixed at some point than to complain again 4 years from now:

42450 - REALLoadFrameworkMethod for Split function does not work