How to View a case from number

If I type in Search the Feedback Case Number, I can no longer open the case. Am I missing something?
I also opened a link which should have went to the case, but it didn’t. Am I missing something.

If you look up a number and get zero search results or click a link and nothing opens, that usually means the case is inaccessible to you. There are a number of reasons why and it doesn’t tell you which reason.

One common reason is when non-testers try to find a ticket filed during a beta cycle, but you have the Testers tag so I wouldn’t think that’s the reason here.

If you have specific questions you might try reaching out to - they’ll have more answers about the details.

It’s also guessed by several users that Feedback may be broken in this area.
I have several cases I can’t open and I think it’s a mistake.

Thanks Tim. I don’t like bothering the people in uhmm headquarters.

The case 62312

you can’t open private cases, it won’t show an error. It will just show you nothing as in void.
That’s where xojo is lacking in feedback.

Well. That would explain it. I got the number from Release Notes, so I can forgive the overworked compilers of the list for not including a note. It would be nice if Feedback responded with something like “Private” for a search. Sigh.

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The program is called “Feedback” but it gives you none if there was an error loading a case…:wink: