How to Use XOJO Forum?

Help! If you reply to this post, I may not be able to find your reply. (I started a thread earlier that I cannot find again.)

So far I have found no directions that tell how to use the new Forum here. The opening screen shows Forum categories above and threads below, but I haven’t found any place that tells me, for example, how to search for a particular thread.

The format seems rather user-unfriendly. I’m running Firefox in Windows 7. On almost all sites, if you enlarge the font the Web page becomes longer, BUT nothing is lost. Here if you enlarge the font you may lose the right hand side of the display (including the link for New Conversation). You may lose the right-hand column without even being aware that there is a right-hand column (which happens for the person who has Firefox set to use automatically a larger font).

Links are more obvious on the opening page for the old Forums. If your mouse cursor hovers over a link in the old version, the link text becomes underlined, an easily recognizable indication that it is indeed a link. Categories in the old are more easily found (visible rather than invisible, acting as “tool tips” rather than as immediately visible text) and more adequately described (compare the new description “Conversations not related to the beta” with the longer and clearer description of “General” in the old Forums).

Is there a page that tells how to use the new XOJO Forum? Thanks!

Barry Traver

Email: barrytraver AT gmail DOT com (with the usual symbols replacing AT and DOT).

If you can’t find your previous post then the easiest way is to click on your name then click on ‘Activity’. This gives a summary of all your previous postings.

You can also type a keyword into the search box and it will search all channels / current channel / current conversation depending where you are. It also allows you to set search filters.

The ‘Settings’ link allows you to set preferences for receiving e-mail notifications for example when someone adds a post to a conversation that you are following.

It’s a good system once you find your way around it.

This Sticky post at the top of the General channel has some tips: