How to use REALproperty

Question on behalf of a friend who makes plugins: Can anyone supply a bit of source code showing how to assign a REALproperty so that plugin properties will be shown in the IDE during debugging? Or point me to a reference on this topic? Thanks!

Your friend looked into examples and documentation provided by Xojo?

From one of the examples:

REALproperty TestClassProperties[] = { { "", "CatName", "String", REALconsoleSafe, REALstandardGetter, REALstandardSetter, FieldOffset( TestClassData, mCatName ) }, { "", "HumanName", "String", REALconsoleSafe, (REALproc)HumanNameGetter, nil }, { "", "MooseName", "String", REALconsoleSafe, (REALproc)MooseNameGetter, (REALproc)MooseNameSetter }, { "", "MooseWeight", "UInt32", REALconsoleSafe, REALstandardGetter, nil, FieldOffset( TestClassData, mMooseWeight ) }, };

first property is a normal data property in the class data structure. By using REALstandardGetter/REALstandardSetter, you can leverage Xojo’s default getter/setter. The value still needs to be freed in destructor.

The next two properties use custom getters and setters.

Thank you, I’ll see if that helps.