How to use ListColumn.WidthActual?

The Language Reference states 2 uses for ListColumn.WidthActual.

  1. [quote]me.column(0).WidthActual=80[/quote] and
  2. IntegerValue = aListColumn.WidthActual for a listbox will return an integer value.
    When I put this into the IDE in an open event with a window with a listbox, the analyzer reports the second is invalid since ListColumn has no member WidthActual.
    How do I use this and not get this error?
    I would like to locate a button over the center of the column.

post the exact code you used


DelRowButton.Left = (ListFiles.Column(0).ActualWidth) - DelRowButton.Width

If that is the exact code you used, you’ve got ActualWidth and not WidthActual.

Should be WidthActual not ActualWidth.

dumb. ThankYou. How do I delete a conversation?

You don’t, you leave it as an educational experience for the others

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