How to Use a variable, or project name, as part of a compiler directive?

Hello all,

I have a class that is a shared class that needs to be slightly different from project to project. A constant wont work since the class is shared (external) . How can I reference a project or some other variable, to use as part of a compiler directive? Constants DO work, but sine this is an external class, a change in one project, is seen in all others when they are opened and compiled.

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Have it reference a constant in a non-shared module that you manually introduce into each project?

Hi Kem,

I thought of that too, after posting. But I was looking for a way for it to be all contained within the class itself… Nevertheless, it IS a solution.
Will try it and see how well it fits…

Perhaps another way of expressing the question is, how to set the project name, or something else, to a constant. That would allow automation even if the constant was in the App. for example.