How to upload a file using HTTPSocket.Post

I am trying to upload an sqlite database to a web server. I have followed the sample in the LR for creating a dictionary of items to be POSTed, but when I get to socket1.SetFormData(form), I get an TypeMismatch error. My dictionary has two strings and a folderitem. Removing the folderitem from the dictionary allows the program to execute, but defeats my purpose. I saw a reference on the forum the CURLMBS can do this, but was unable to find anything in the hundreds of pages of documentation with an example of how to use it. I’m open to any suggestions.

I would think you’d need to read the file into a memoryblock or string & use that data in your dictionary.

Finally found the examples for CURL in the MBS folder.

@Dean Davidge : and it’s working ?

Sure is.