How to transfer a license to a new machine?

Last week, Apple had to replace my logic board.
Yesterday, my Xojo license expired.
Today, when I try to Build a project to send out today, I get a message that I have to purchase a desktop license first.

I’m guessing that my license was somehow either tied to my logic board or it’s in a hidden file that the Time Machine didn’t back up/restore. Is there anyone in Support who can help me get this app built this afternoon?


I think you should log in to your account at and de-authorize your computer and then log in from the Xojo IDE again.
That might work :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing an option to reauthorize my computer for Xojo – but I’ve been known to be blind to obvious things.

You log in from inside the IDE. It’s under the Xojo menu. Look for Sign In.

Right, but deauthorize the computer on the website first as Albin said, for good measure.

Also, I’m assuming your license is good for the current version of Xojo? Otherwise you’ll have to download an older version.

Sorry, I hit the wrong key. I haven’t found anywhere on the website to Deauthorize my current license/computer. I’ve searched lots of places, especially in Account Settings, but I’m not seeing it.

When you have logged into your Xojo account, you find a link to your licenses on the right. That leads you to an overview of computers you registered your license(s) on.

The direct url is Look for little gray circles with a white X in them. You can click on those to deauthorize an installation.

Xojo is easy…

Same trick to enable external hard disk(s)…

Who wants to debug his/her application on Lion, Mt Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitán ?

Oh, yes ! Buy another license to do that.

Use virtual machines and Remote Debugger?

Xojo will let me build the application ?

It lets you run from your licensed machine but the app actually runs on the VM, just as if you ran it locally.

I do this all the time with my Windows & Linux builds and works very well.