How to stop Xojo flicker with Edits in MS Word

I often have Microsoft Word and Xojo open at the same time. Sometimes when working in Word, it effects Xojo. An example is when adjusting a table in Word, Xojo flickers. When the Word file is larger in size (about 400 pages), I am almost not able to work in Microsoft Word because both Word and Xojo are running very slow.

Here is a video of modifying the table width in Word and causing Xojo to severely flicker:
Word-Xojo Video

Closing MS Word will increase the speed of the Xojo IDE, and closing the Xojo IDE will increase the speed of MS Word. To create this issue, open a new instance of MS Word, a new instance of Xojo 2016 r4.1, add a table and adjust the table.

I am taking a wild guess that both programs are using the same thread? Is there a way to prevent these two programs from using the same thread so that I can run Xojo and MS Word at the same time? Any other suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

This is on Windows 10, Xojo 2016 r4.1, MS Word 2016, Surface Book with lots of ram and Hard Drive space.

That looks really awful. How much is “lots of ram” for you? You mean core and not thread, don’t you?

Please don’t post links that lead to MacKeeper spam.

Lots of RAM is 16.0 GB on my main machine. Another Windows computer has 32.0 GB of RAM and it has the same issue.

Sorry, not sure why MacKeeper Spam flags the video, I did this in Windows OS. I’ll upload the file to another server and provide the new link shortly.

Here is the video loaded on YouTube. Beatrix, thanks for letting me know about MacKeeper Spam.

YouTube Video

I tested 2017R1-b8 together with MS Word 2010 on a Windows 10 VM (4 cpu 2gb). No issue like this.

Joost: avoid this in open forum.

Thanks for the feedback. I tried this on the first version of Surface Pro with Word 2013 and Xojo 2016.r4.1 and there is no flickering. Hmm… I will need to dig a little deeper to find out why. If I find something then I’ll let everyone know. Thanks!