How to show scrollbar on left side of a HTMLViewer / TextArea

How can i move the scrollbar to the left side of a HTMLViewer and TextArea to display Arabic texts.

The scrollbar in both those instances is controlled by the web browser.
This stackoverflow entry says that IE will move the scrollbars if you add a tag to the body. However, the comments on that say that the tag will contradict with the system level setting of scrollbar positioning.

tl;dr - you don’t have to do anything the system will.

I know how to move Scrollbars in HTMLViewer and TextArea to Left in Linux Desktop

In the web-edition there is unfortunately no ‘Handle’,


create Enum

Public Enum GtkCornerType
End Enum

TextArea.Open (or HTMLViewer.Open)

  declare sub gtk_scrolled_window_set_placement lib "libgtk-x11-2" _
  (ctrl as integer, pos as GtkCornerType)
  gtk_scrolled_window_set_placement _
  (me.Handle, GtkCornerType.GTK_CORNER_BOTTOM_RIGHT)

In Web, the TextArea is an HTML element one can see in the DOM.

Here is a way to do what the OP wants on the entire page :

But then the TextArea will be right justified with any script, not only Arabic or Hebrew.