How to set Range in ExcelApplication


Simple question I guess.
How can I code Range argument in SetSourceData if I want to use the value A1-A3 AND C1-C3 without B1-B3?

  //Add data to excel workbook
  excel.range("A1").value = "Date"
  excel.range("A2").value = "Jan 07"
  excel.range("A3").value = "Jan 08"
  excel.range("B1").value = "Gasoline"
  excel.range("B2").value = "298.8"
  excel.range("B3").value = "296.6"
  excel.range("C1").value = "Dummy"
  excel.range("C2").value = "100.1"
  excel.range("C3").value = "103.3"
  excel.Charts.add //add the chart
  excel.Charts.Select_ // select the chart
  excel.ActiveChart.SetSourceData Excel.Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1:C3") // Select the data Range

I just tested it.
It is … Range(“A1:A3,C1:C3”)