How to set app icon to NSusernotification

I am new in xojo.
We have used NSUserNotificationMBS to display user notification on MAC
We need to set app icon to shown notification

    m = new NSUserNotificationCenterMBS
    d = new MyNSUserNotificationCenterDelegateMBS
    notification= new NSUserNotificationMBS
     notification.Title = "Galaxy Remote"
      notification.subtitle = "New updates are available!"
      notification.informativeText ="Do you want to download it?"
    m.deliverNotification notification

Can anyone please tell me how to set app icon for NSUserNotificationMBS?

You don’t need to do anything special. Does your app have an icon? Then this should show.

We have set up app icon and it is working fine for windows but it is showing default app icon in MAC
Can you tell me how to do it for MAC to set app icon?

I have set up app icon ,but notification shows default icon .
Please tell me how should i set icon for notification?

is it just a problem on your computer with Launch Services Database?