How to set a file type to my application ?

Sorry, wrong entry / question. I resolved part of the trouble after clicked Save Changes….

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

I think you might be mixing the term file “icons” with file type associations (the default application used to open a file if the user double clicks on the file).

If you want to associate a specific file type with its default application that is done in settings. Type “File Type” in the Windows 10 search window then select “Choose a default application for each file type.” This is independent of the icon you use.

Using CSV as a file type that will be associated with your application could be problematic as that is a common file type that can be associated with lots of different applications. This is typically a Comma Separated Value data file and I believe by default is associated with Excel in Windows if Office is installed on the users computer. Unless your file is truly a CSV file that needs to be opened by other applications than yours you might want to review whether it is necessary to use that extension.

Having said that, I don’t have a good understanding of what you asked, but thought I would offer input regardless.

The csv extension is generally understood as “comma separated values”. This type of file is usually associated to your spreadsheet application (Libre Office Calc, for example). This is not new, nor limited to Windows 10, as far as I know.

You can change the association. The manual methods vary across Windows versions, programmatic methods exist. Here is good reading on the subject.

Now, I generally frown upon applications that attempt to change file associations on my computer. Especially with common file associations!

I see @Joseph Evert beat me to the finish…

Joseph, Louis,

thank you for your inputs. Sorry if (it seems so) my question was not crystal clear.

My application deals with .txt, .csv and .sqlite. I provide custom icons for these. I can drom one file from these on my application icon and it will be opened by my application.

So far, so good.

But: if I double click on a csv file generated by my application, LibreOffice Calc (because Microsoft Office is not installed here, I suppose) is launched and my file displayed there.

My application, like any other application have to do whatever any other application is able to do: be launched when one of its know file type… file is double clicked.

That said, I understand if you want csv files (once double clicked) have to be loaded by (say) LibreOffice Calc.

How to manually change a file type application owner’s ? Simple: Get File Info is my friend: I click in the Modify (Open with) button and choose the application who will own that file type.

I hope this is clearer now.

PS: when I install a new application I suppose that I will get a set of standard behaviors like seen custom icon(s) displayed on all files known by that application, a double click will run my new application and load that double clicked file, and so on.

And, If I am not OK with these changes, I still can revert to what I want.

Think about Default Mail application, Default Browser application, etc.

Louis: I will read the shared information (from the provided link). Thank you.

I am still reading, but I do not understand a single tip.

In the mean time, I get an eye on the examples, Windows examples unsuccessful.

Thanks Norman. I may be of better state to read it today.