How to send data to user session

I’m trying to perform my own load balancing internally. I have looked at several blog entries, and looked at the demo but I still need some guidance. I’m using HAProxy for some things, BUT think I could resolve and simplify by doing some of the load balancing myself.

pseudo code:

  1. Web Client - performs an action and sends it’s sessionID and payload request to the LoadBalancerApp

Var data, newData As String
data = sessionID + delimiter + hexEncodedRequest
POST data to loadBalancer

  1. The Load Balancer App keeps track of used ports, assigns that session to an unused port, and stores it for reference later. It then passes the information to the ProcessingApp instance on the selected port.

// – processing instance
POST to https://localhost:theSelectedPort

  1. The ProcessingApp processes the data and now needs to send the data back to the clients session.

data = myMethod(dataToProcess)

Question - Assuming Step 3 is possible, how can I send the data to the client session(I still have the sessionID from the LoadBalancerApp)