How to select Errors and update all at once?


Am still working on converting an older API1 web project to API2 Web project.

Is there a way to select certain errors (all the same error but different locations withing the project) that have been found, and change them all at once??

Also, any way to change all of the Open Events to Opening?

Would be most helpful!

Use the IDE’s find/replace feature. Carefully.

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Or if you need to change more than a name (with Find/Replace), use the Find feature and select each occurrence one at a time to make changes.

Yea, done those things. Takes forever and as Tim state - Carefully since it is easy to pick the wrong ones. Hence the reason to pick from the Error List.

Oh well…

Didn’t think there was a way.

Thanks guys!

But if you search for such as open( then you’ll find them all. Then you can do Select All to highlight all those found, and cmd-click (or ctrl-click) on those you don’t want to change, and thus change a number at once.

What I have to check is much more finite. Like in certain items have to change .Text to .SelText.

Cannot change Open to Opening with the search and replace. Apparently, one must actually create the new Opening Event, move the code over then delete the Open event…


Under the “Project” menu, there is an option to “Convert Project to API 2”

Never knew that was there! First time I’ve ever seen it. Only problem is, it is not enabled, its greyed out…


That’s not available on Web projects.