How To See More of My Project Code At The Same Time

I’d like to be able to view multiple windows of code (methods, event handlers, properties, etc.) at one time. Is there a way to do that in the IDE?

Have you used “File > New Workspace” or do you need something else?

No, I had not tried that yet.

Looks like that duplicates the entire workspace. I was hoping there was just a sub-window that would open in my main workspace to show another bit of code.

Something like this:

No, there’s no facility to do that right now. It’s not quite what you’re looking for, but there’s a Feedback case that you might find relevant: <>

But I guess what you’re really looking for is something akin to Xcode’s Assistant editors (if you’ve used them). I think that’s more feasible than the “All Code” view. Not saying it’s likely but it’s worth a Feedback case of its own. Be sure to include your mock-up, if you create the case.

What I do is open a new tab (double click on the navigator or right click open in new tab) and then drag the tab from the IDE into it’s own window.

That link doesn’t seem to work for me.

You need to have the Feedback app installed:

Thank you! Got it.

If you have more than one screen, you can drag a tab to another screen and you will get another IDE window, so you can look at least at two different pieces of code.

Hector / Ramon,
That is brilliant. I never knew you could do that. I had pretty much disregarded tabs because they always ended up doing whatever the heck they wanted (even if locked) and I could never see if they had changed until I moved to the tab. Your solution allows for having multiple windows visible at the same time. Excellent. Thanks again.

You can also see (understand read) the whole project code from a point of time if you print it (either to paper or to pdf) with or without the windows images.

Ask if you can’t do that.

PS: I rebuilt a project after a lost just because I had a pdf of it that was two days old at the original lost (the whole folder and I had an old folder backup).

I find regular time machine easier ?

S V N (or git if thats your preference)
EVEN with a binary project you can at least checkin different versions and rollback to any previous one
You dont get all the benefits but its still possible to use effectively

Manual version control is so 1990’s :slight_smile:

A 4 digit case number. Thats like a 7 digit phone number.

Never used here.

The pdf was created to check what I read in this forum but pure hazard and really help me (once I found my calm back from anger) to not re-invent the wheel. I only lost some days of work and two nice features added the day of the lost. I never recall what these two features were, but I was happy with them :frowning:

With Time Machine you would have lost max 1 hour of work and the 2 nice features would still be in your project.
You would be up and running again within a couple of minutes.
Way faster than rebuilding the whole project from a PDF using copy and paste.
If you have a Mac, my advice to you would be start using Time machine as soon as possible and also start using a version control tool.
Even if you are using Xojo only for personal purposes.