How to run web app

I am using LINUX ubuntu for my xojo web server. I understood to run a xojo the web app, it must be run on linux console thru ssh. Then the user will type the IP address plus the port in the URL.

If I need to create a program that will read MySQL record and update it. What type of platform I should need to create?

MySQL builds for Ubuntu Linux, but if you’ve never used Linux for a server before this is going to be a challenge. While I do offer a script that gets beginners up and running on CentOS 6 or 7, I am not able to provide hands-on support for the cost of the script.

I’d check your preferred package manager to see if there’s a MySQL package available (I would assume there should be).

There’s some documentation available from Xojo here:

Hi Tim,

My issue is, what platform I need to create for this type of requirement? Is it desktop, console or web?

You can run Xojo Web 1.0 stand-alone apps like any other program. From Ubuntu’s perspective it’s just another application.

I have successfully compiled and run Web 2.0 apps on Ubuntu also, but only Hello World type stuff.

Another deployment model we use is to put the Web app into a Docker container and run the container.

what I am working with a program is an app running without user interface. I will query mysql read and insert update.

I’m not a database programmer, but You might like to try using HandleURL in Xojo Web to get the incoming request and update the database and send a response. You can Return text from HandkeURL without a Web page if you like using Response.Write. However be aware you might need to encode it with something like EncodeUrlComponent and DecodeURLComponent to avoid unsafe characters ruining the transmission.

Thanks Eric.

The core of the app that I want to accomplish is to automated the following scenario:

Everytime that there is new record inserted on a table called “IN_TABLE”, I just want it to remote it. No human intervention, no request needed to the url.

What platform should I need to create this kind of program? is it console? is it web? is it desktop?