How to run web app building project

if I have my web project then I’m building my project
but I dont no How to run my web app

Help me please

thank you

Do you mean for debugging. You simply start your default web browser and click the Run button in the Xojo project window.

I mean .I I compile my project is exe file but I dont no How to run my web app

for excample in php:


thank you

if you have an .exe file it’s a Stand alone WE app. Just doubble-click on the exe. It will open a terminal window that you should leave open.
Then go to http://IP_OF_SERVER:the_port_you_use on the local machine in your browser.
For example:

The deployment guide in the documentation should help you out:

then if Im compile is CGI ?

Then you’ll need a server running a web server, like apache capable of executing cgi scripts :slight_smile:
Have you started here?:
If you plan on using a Linux server this might be helpful too: