How to run Command + V

Do you have a solution to run Keyboard shorcut COMMAND + V after a time is reached.
I know how to use timer but I have trouble to know how to run keyboard shortcuts.

Cmd-V is typically Paste, and you can call that directly.

I need it to be automated for a process. So I need the menu to be selected by an action.

You can use the Clipboard interface:

For instance, if you wanted to paste the clipboard into a specific textfield using a button, in the buttons Action event you would use:

Var c As New Clipboard
If c.TextAvailable Then
  TextField1.Text = c.Text
End If

Thanks, I was thinking about it too but I need to put the content inside a webview and this feature have no way to select the current field

I was able to do it with WKWebViewMBS.Paste