how to return RaiseEvent of Event not used return true instead of false

I have a Super Class that have an Event definition : Check
with a method Check() as boolean
Return RaiseEvent Check()

in my subClass, sometime i use the event Check… returning true or false… works great.

but some subClass doest need the Check event… so it’s returning False by default…

so how can i set by default the RaiseEvent Check to True when it’s not used…

no possible AFAIK
negate your test when you return from the event, making a “NoCheck” event will be the best way.

thanks, i already negate my return … but not very ergonomic…
yess a NoCheck event would be better…


Make a new event definition with the same name. Use the event handler to return true by default.

If the raiseevent EventName returns false in the event handler do some code.

The subclass has to use your event definition or overruled event.