How to respond to feedback request

I got an email asking about by a Xojo Feedback app I had submitted from How am I supposed to respond? The email provided no clue, other than asking me not to reply.

You have to open the Feedback app and add your comment to the case.

Is this it <> ?

Hi David,
If you click the ‘Feedback’ icon on the IDE toolbar one of three things will happen:
1: If Feedback is not installed you will be prompted to download and install it
2: The Feedback application will open
3: Nothing, because the Feedback application is already running

There is a link to the case in the email. Click it to open the case in Feedback so you can reply.

See Using Feedback for more information.

Thanks Paul, I did not know how to respond using the Feedback app. Deep in that link you sent was the instruction to click on the pencil icon to comment. That is not very obvious!