How to Resize Window without contents' size changing too?

Hello all,

I noticed tonite that when changing the heigth of a window, a tab panel and list box contain within, also change height as well. They actually change height even when dragged off of the window. Is this the new “normal”??? If not, what am I doing wrong? Literally, I dragged the listbox smaller in height which is contained within a tab panel, which are both contained within the window. Changing the TabPanel height made the list box change in size too at the same time. Changing the height of the window, also forced these contained object to change, even to a negative visibility point…

So is this the new normal? If not, what am I doing wrong?
If it is the new normal, can it be turned off? If so, how?

Thanks again all!

Do you have them locked right and bottom? If so uncheck and try.

Yes… that must be it!
The new IDE is interesting and in many ways cool… but sometimes elusive too.

Thank you for your response and help!